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Our Brands

Meet our amazing brand partners.

We are extremely selective with our suppliers, only working with those who have good sustainability and ethical policies, whilst also creating exceptional quality products.

Our mission statement is 'Always uncompromising in quality and care whilst wholeheartedly committed to sustainability' so it's essential our brand partners share our vision and values. 


Designed and created in Italy, Blackfin embody everything we are at CBTR Opticians. Always keeping sustainability at the heart of everything they do, whilst using the highest quality materials and manufacturing equipment to create beautiful frames. Learn more about Blackfin and check out their amazing sustainable factory here

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Produced entirely in france, AHLEM's luxury frames are designed for longevity in both style and fabrication. AHLEM is a huge campaigner for sustainability, recycling and non wastage. Concern for sustainability and the environment is more than a platitude for AHLEM—it’s fundamental to their identity and values as an independent business. Plus their frames are beautiful too!

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Nina Mur

All Nina Mur frames are hand-crafted in Madrid from high quality birch wood, making them not only sustainable and robust but also incredibly light and comfortable, with frames weighing just 15g. Nina Mur frames are made bespoke to order, avoiding wastage and supporting responsible consumption. 100% of wood used comes from a reforested cultivation in Finland. Every pair of these ethical frames takes around 40 hours to produce, and you can feel the quality the moment you pick them up! 

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Using sustainable materials, these beautiful luxury frames are handmade in Japan to ensure utmost quality. Japanese titanium and acetate is of the highest-grade, meaning it's extremely light yet brilliantly durable. As a company, Dita is making huge strides to become even more sustainable.

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We are delighted to be the first UK stockist of React! Hayley came across React on a family holiday to Switzerland, and knew she needed to bring them to CBTR Opticians. Their ShadeTronic® technology means lenses adapt to light conditions in 0.1 seconds – so fast you won’t even notice. And they’re powered by the sun, so they never need to be charged. Perfect for cycling, running, driving or just daily life!

Image of person outside wearing black sports glasses

Sabine Be

Sabine Vagner is a female designer who creates wonderfully unique and colourful frames. Sabine started her career as an optician in France for over 30 years, before following her dream of design. At the heart of Sabine Be lies a simple yet powerful message - 'Be yourself' . It's a reminder to embrace your individuality, to be unapologetically you and, with Sabine Be's eyewear, expressing your unique style has never been easier!

Colourful image of person's side profile wearing bandanna and purple glasses


Wolf Eyewear is a British, family-run eyewear brand founded in 2009. Wolf Eyewear supplies independent opticians with uniquely bold, beautiful and colourful frames. Wolf's green initiatives include electric cars for their entire fleet since 2020. 

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RAEN is an independent company always using the highest-quality materials to create handcrafted eyewear that stands the test of time. Continuing to seek out and source more sustainable acetates for our eyewear, as well as using Bio Acetate in their collection, RAEN keen sustainability at the heart of their brand. RAEN's newest innovation is their 'Recycled Black' range which uses 100% recycled materials, utilizing waste from production.

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Your eyes and sight are precious.

Trust CBTR to give you the very best care.

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