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Our Founder

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Hayley's Journey

From Receptionist to Optometrist Business Owner...

Hayley's career in the optical industry began over 13 years ago, and has been quite a journey since! Age 18 straight out of college and full of enthusiasm, Hayley started working at her local village opticians as an Optical Receptionist, soon beginning a 3-year course, alongside working, to become a Dispensing Optician.


After completing her dispensing qualification, Hayley's passion for eyecare and a thirst for knowledge led her to spend a further 2-years studying to become a Contact Lens Optician. However, this hadn’t quite quenched her curiosity for learning, and so she took a sabbatical year to earn a BSc in Optometry, gaining a First Class Honours.

After 7 years of studying Hayley took the leap of faith, leaving behind the job she had held since she was a teenager. After briefly working as a locum optometrist she was offered the Head of Optometry role at an independent group of 6 practices in Oxfordshire where she thrived for 4 years. When this business was sold, Hayley knew it was time for her to follow her dreams and embark on the most exciting chapter to date… CBTR Opticians. 

Her journey has been challenging, but Hayley's passion to provide exceptional clinical care and always striving to be better fuelled her to reach the next milestone.




Optometry BSc

First Class Honours
University of Bradford

During a sabbatical year Hayley excelled in an Optometry degree at the University of Bradford, graduating with First Class Honours. Topping off her comprehensive knowledge in eyecare with practical skills, and a dedication to excellence. She then accomplished her pre-registration assessment in less than a year to become a fully qualified Optometrist.


Contact Lens Optician
City College London

Cementing expertise in the field of eyecare, Hayley furthered her qualifications by completing specialised training to become a certified Contact Lens Optician. This additional credential showcases Hayley's commitment to staying at the forefront of optometric advancements.


Dispensing Optician
City College London

Hayley embarked on her journey in eyecare by earning a qualification to becoming a skilled Dispensing Optician. This early degree set the stage for Hayley's continuous pursuit of excellence in her field of optometry. 

Hayley's 3 graduation pictures
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