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Contact Lenses

At CBTR, you'll discover a level of care, attention, and personalised service that makes contact lenses a truly viable and satisfying choice for your vision correction needs. Experience the comfort, convenience, and freedom of contact lenses like never before, right here at CBTR.

Image of person smiling whilst inserting contact lenses

"But I've been told I can't wear contact lenses"

At CBTR we understand that many clients hold reservations about their suitability for contact lenses, which is precisely why we go the extra mile to offer a service that sets us apart. We have the luxury of what many high street opticians don't - time. During your initial assessment, our dedicated Optometrist allocates a full hour to cater to your specific requirements.

Contact lenses offer a safe and convenient solution for vision correction when prescribed by a qualified professional, provided users prioritise proper usage and care. We believe that truly understanding your visual needs is essential, and we meticulously evaluate the health of your anterior eye to ensure that contact lenses are a safe and comfortable option for you. Our commitment doesn't stop there; we fine-tune the fit of the lenses to guarantee both comfort and optimal vision. We will also spend time with you to ensure you are confident applying and removing your contact lenses.


Trusting CBTR ensures that you receive the care and guidance to guarantee the safety and longevity of your vision correction. With our expertise, you can enjoy the freedom and clarity that contact lenses offer for a lifetime of clear and comfortable vision. Aftercare appointments are also available to ensure that your contact lenses continue to deliver the best results.

Initial Assessment £90 | Aftercare £60 | Free of charge for CBTR Always clients

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