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Urgent Appointments

At CBTR Opticians, we understand that eye emergencies can happen at any time. When you or a loved one experience an urgent eye care situation, you can rely on us for prompt and expert assistance. Our dedicated team is here to provide urgent care, ensuring your eye health and comfort.

Image of patient with Eye Doctor
  • We prioritise your safety and well-being. Upon arrival, our skilled Optometrist will conduct a thorough evaluation to diagnose and address your eye concern swiftly.

  • Whether it's a foreign object in the eye, a chemical exposure, or any other eye injury, we have the expertise and resources to treat and alleviate your discomfort.

  • If you experience sudden vision loss, blurriness, flashes of light, or new floaters it could indicate a serious underlying issue. Our team will diagnose and recommend the appropriate treatment.

  • Eye infections can be painful and concerning. We provide immediate relief and treatment for conditions like conjunctivitis and other infections.

  • If something becomes lodged in your eye, attempting removal on your own can be risky. Our Optometrist will safely and skilfully remove foreign objects to prevent further damage.

£80 | Free of charge for CBTR Always clients

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