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Eye Examinations

Our eyes are one of the most important things we own, which is why we believe everyone should have a comprehensive eye health examination, not a simple ‘sight test'. We provide an expert eye examination to all our clients, with leading edge technology and extended time with our Optometrist.

Many eye diseases are symptomless until the end stages, often when it's too late to treat. Our significant investment in the latest equipment allows us to detect some eye diseases up to 8 years earlier than traditional methods. Your eyes and sight are precious, trust CBTR to give you the very best care.

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Our eye examinations are scheduled for 60 minutes with our Optometrist and includes enhanced retinal 3D-scanning with OCT and widefield Optomap retinal imaging alongside anterior eye examination with our digital slit-lamp and eye pressure using iCare tonometry (which replaces the ‘puff-test’). Our Optometrist will personally conduct all the tests, scans and procedures, rather than delegating them to other staff members. This personal and professional service allows us to give you the very best clinical care that you deserve.

Our considerable investment in the very best and latest ophthalmic equipment enables us to give you the very best in care and peace of mind for the health of your eyes. This state of the art equipment gives us the confidence that we can now go even further in the assessment and management of your vision and eye health. Read more about our technology here.

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Spending more time in front of a screen? Aren't we all! At CBTR, we recognise the challenges of navigating the modern world, where the demands of our daily routines often lead to sore and tired eyes by the end of the day. With a growing number of individuals working across various environments and spending extended hours on multiple screens, each at varying heights and distances, it's no wonder that our eyes can experience an intolerable amount of strain, resulting in visual fatigue.


We believe that your eye health is of utmost importance, and we are committed to ensuring that your work environment does not become detrimental to it. Trust CBTR to provide you with the very best care and solutions to alleviate eye strain and ensure long-term eye health. Take the first step towards healthier, happier eyes by booking your appointment with us now. Your eyes deserve the care they need to thrive in the digital age.

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At CBTR, we deeply value the well-being of your entire family, especially when it comes to the precious gift of your child's eyesight. Early detection of any eye issues is crucial to treatment, and that's why we're dedicated to providing comprehensive eye examinations tailored to your child's needs.


To ensure your peace of mind and the continued health of your family's eyes, we offer an exclusive membership plan, CBTR Always. With CBTR, your child's eye health is in expert hands, all our eye examinations incorporate state-of-the-art Optomap widefield imaging technology, delivering nothing less than the gold standard in healthcare.


Your child's bright future starts with healthy eyes, and we are here to safeguard their vision every step of the way. Join us in preserving the magic of their world by scheduling an appointment today.

Adults £120 | Children (U18) £60 | Free of charge for CBTR Always clients

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