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Which Glasses Will Suit My Face Shape?

This is a question we often get asked in practice, with six common face shapes and thousands of glasses styles to choose from it can be difficult to discover which best suits and enhances your features whilst also showing off your individual personality!

What shape is my face?

The first step is to identify which face shape category you belong to:

  • Stand in front of a mirror and make sure your hair is pulled back off your face. Use a dry wipe pen or a lipstick to trace the outline of your face on to the mirror; pay particular attention to your hair line, jaw line and cheekbones.

  • Take a look at the images below and compare to your outline, once you have found your best fit you can then discover which frame shapes will best flatter your face and its features.

Images courtesy of Real Simple


Rounded hairline and jawline and sides of face curve outwards. Cheekbones are the widest part of your face.

Styles that flatter:

Frames that have bold angular lines to sharpen your softer features.

Rectangular or Cat eye styles are great for round faces.

Styles to avoid:

Round and Oval frames will emphasise how round the face shape is.


Hairline, cheekbones and jawline are all the same width.

Styles that flatter:

Frames that have softer edges to balance out your angular features. Round and Oval frames are a great choice or a very gentle upswept style with curved edges.

Styles to avoid:

Square/Rectangular frames will emphasise the angular lines of the face. Oversized frames can also disrupt the overall balance and proportions.


The face is longer than it is wide. The cheekbones are slightly wider than the forehead.

Styles that flatter:

Frames that are deeper will help balance out the proportions of the face and make it appear less long. Deep Rectangular or Rounded shapes work well. An Aviator style can also be a great choice for an oval face.

Styles to avoid:

Frames that are much wider or narrower than the face width will upset the overall balance.


Narrow forehead and chin with very wide cheekbones.

Styles that flatter:

Rounded styles will soften up the angular lines of the cheekbones. Frames that are top heavy or a strong Cat eye can help balance proportions of a narrow forehead.

Styles to avoid:

Oversized frames that are very wide will exaggerate the wide cheekbones


Similar to a square face where the hairline, cheekbones and jawline are generally the same width but the face is longer.

Styles to flatter:

Deeper frames with soft edges will balance out how long the face appears whilst not emphasising the harsh corners of the face. Larger frame styles like Cat eye or Aviator will broaden the face, making it appear wider.

Styles to avoid:

Frames that have pointed corners and completely straight lines.


Narrow chin and slightly wider and pointed hairline. Cheekbones are the widest point of the face.

Styles to flatter:

Bottom heavy frames will balance out a narrow chin. Oval frames that follow the brow line will aid in softening and balancing the facial angles.

Styles to avoid:

Top heavy frames will make forehead appear wider and the chin appear narrower. Very shallow rectangular frames can also upset the balance and make the face appear wider.

Once you have discovered the best frame style to suit your face shape there are also other factors to consider when picking glasses such as:

  • Eyebrow shape

  • Hair style

  • Hair colour

  • Eye colour

  • Skin tone

  • Nose/bridge shape

  • Your individual style! (which is the most important thing)

Visiting your local opticians and trying on frames with a qualified dispensing optician is the best way of discovering your perfect fit.

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