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What's a Glasses Anti-Reflective Coating?

When choosing new glasses there are many decisions you're faced with. Which frame should I choose? What type of lens is best for me? Without seeing your face shape and prescription it would be hard to answer these questions but one question we can always answer with a certain "Yes!" is "Do I need anti-reflective coatings on my glasses?".

What are anti-reflective coatings?

Anti-reflective coatings reduce reflective light on the surface of glasses lenses. The coating allows light to pass through the lens and enter the eye rather than bouncing back off the lens surface. Not only will this benefit your vision but also your cosmetic appearance in the glasses. More light passing through the lens = better vision and less light reflecting off the surface of the lens = eyes visible and no distracting shiny lenses. Have you ever been on a video call and noticed that you can barely see someone's eyes as the reflections from the screen is showing up on their glasses? Or have you noticed that a family picture has been spoilt by the camera's flash showing up on someone's glasses, completely hiding their eyes. This is where anti-reflective coatings come in to play!

How do they work?

Every lens manufacturer may have a slightly different process when it comes to anti-reflective coatings. MAR (Multiple Anti Reflective) coatings are applied to the lenses via a series (hence the world multiple) of thin and hard layers adhered to the front and back surfaces. These layers are applied using a vacuum and their purpose is to block certain wavelengths of light, helping to reduce the reflections.

Benefits of anti-reflective coatings

  1. More lights to the eye and less distracting reflections result in better visual clarity.

  2. Better visual clarity will result in less eye strain potentially elevating symptoms such as headaches and tired feeling eyes.

  3. Reducing reflections on the lenses will make you eyes more visible and therefore more cosmetically pleasing

Discover below which Nikon Lenswear UK coating is right for you. All of their coating options will give you optimal visual performance but can also be tailored to your life and specific needs. They also have additional layers to help prevent scratching, reduce smearing and protect the eyes from harmful UV light.

Seecoat Next Reveal

  • Precise contrast to never miss any details with sharper contrast, even in low light.

  • Vivid colours to enjoy every moment even in dim light

  • Light Protection to see clearly and comfortably all day long

Seecoat Next Blue

  • An optimal filtering of blue light

  • Natural look for daily use with minimized reflection and glare

  • Enhanced protection from UV light

Seecoat Next Drive

  • Superior day vision and complete protection

  • Reduces glare caused by oncoming headlights, street lights & other light sources

Here's a real life comparison of lenses with and without anti-reflective coatings. What an incredible difference!

It really is a no brainer to include anti-reflective coatings to your glasses order. Or better yet, find an optician that includes them as standard! Afterall, why wouldn't you want to see the world as clearly as possible and look good while living in it?

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